Photos from exhibitions

2017, November — 2018 January  — «Modernism Without Manifest. Part 2: Leningrad». Collection of Roman Babichev. Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

2012, September-October – Exhibition of Zaltsman’s works dedicated to the 100-years anniversary. Kasteev State Museum of Art, Republic of Kazakhstan.


2011, October – «Graphic dreams». G.O.S.T. Gallery. Exhibition hall of “Our Heritage” magazine, Moscow.



2010, June – «Evening Walks. Pavel Zaltsman’s Drawings». Museum-appartmento of Isaak Brodsky, Sankt-Petersburg.


2009, April – May – «Walking Through the Night. Paintings and Drawings by Pavel Zaltsman». Literature-memorial museum of F. Dostoevsky, Sankt-Petersburg.


2008, June – August – «Middle Asia – Moscow – Jerusalem in the art of Jewing artists». State Museum of the East, Moscow.


2008, May – «Ilustrations of the Time. Graphic Dreams by Pavel Zaltsman». G.O.S.T. Gallery. State Literature Museum, Moscow.


2007, October – November – «Paintings and Drawings by Pavel Zaltsman». State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.


2004, December – Jewish Cultural Center on Nikitskaya street, Moscow.


1987 – Association “Hermitage”, Moscow. Photos from Valery Aizenberg’s archive.


1983 — Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.